Where Will Krabbycakes® Take You?

The original & still the best! Mrs. Friday’s Krabbycakes® are a delicious blend of real snow crab meat, fresh cream, real butter, seasonings and premium seafood. They’re versatile and great baked or fried! We offer these delicious crab cakes in four varieties to meet your menu needs. We have our original 3 oz. Krabbycakes® , 1.5 oz. Krabbycakes® Junior, and a .4 oz. Krabbycakes® Mini. We also have an Unbreaded Krabbycakes® that is a good seafood addition to any menu. 62% of millennials love rewards….so give them what they want and serve up Krabbycakes®!

Krabbycake Grilled Cheese

Krabbycakes® Grilled Cheese

Shake up the ordinary grilled cheese sandwich, by placing one of our crispy Krabbycakes® in the middle. Then served with garlic aioli and your favorite side. It will satisfy your hunger and be the best grilled cheese sandwich around.

Krabbycake Junior Noodle Salad

Krabbycakes® Junior Noodle Salad

This colorful salad features our Lobster Sensations®, Udon Noodles, ginger, parsley, red and green peppers, and a few more ingredients that make this a perfect dish. Then tossed in a signature Asian dressing and topped with our breaded Krabbycakes® Junior.

Krabbycake Mini Skewer

Krabbycakes® Mini Skewer

Pineapple, mango, red bell pepper, watermelon, and our Krabbycakes® minis makes a light but also a flavorful appetizer. Easy and impressive single-serving starter.

Unbreadded Krabbycake Waffle

Krabby Waffle Benedict

A twist to the classic Eggs Benedict replacing the traditional English Muffin or Waffle with our savory Unbreaded Krabbycakes®. It is a unique and simple recipe that is perfect for breakfast or brunch.

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