History Timeline

King & Prince Seafood has a rich history providing quality seafood for 100 years since 1924.

You’ll learn about people such as Ray Sellers, Mas Kawaguchi and their stories of how a small seafood company based in Brunswick, Georgia became part of one of the largest seafood companies in the world.

There have been ups, downs, trials and tribulations but two things has remained constant – focus on the customer and provide a quality product.

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King & Prince History: 1924

Gerald Beach founded the King Shrimp company in Brunswick, GA – selling local raw shrimp to Fulton Fish Market in NYC and Chicago as well as other markets

King & Prince History: 1949

King Shrimp company adopted freezing technology to exclusively manufacture breaded shrimp. Principal customers included food distributors as well the Detroit division of A&P. Converted current Brunswick Plant from a World War II Liberty ship factory to shrimp production.

King & Prince History: 1952

Ray Sellers purchases King Shrimp company and sold shrimp boats to invest in processing and technology. The company tops $1 million in sales.

King & Prince History: 1955

Masashi Kawaguchi founded the Fishking Seafood & Poultry Company. Soon thereafter, he opens a small processing facility near downtown Los Angeles, CA. This business came to be known as Mrs. Friday’s.

King & Prince History: 1961

Roy Duggan purchased the King Shrimp company and is now one of the largest buyers of fresh shrimp on the East Coast.

King & Prince History: 1975

Innovation with Fancy Cooked Shrimp – Red Lobster was the first customer as well as many other restaurant chains. This product was a “first of it’s kind” and enjoyed longstanding success in the marketplace.

King & Prince History: 1986

Company changed its name to King & Prince Seafood in 1986. Also, in 1989, Krabbycakes® were introduced by Mrs. Friday’s as a high quality value seafood cake for foodservice and even today they remain the original and still the best!

King & Prince History: 1996

Nippon Suisan Kaisha (Nissui) purchases Mrs. Friday’s. King & Prince Seafood – sales of $100MM and in 1999, celebrated 50 years of breading quality seafood.

King & Prince History: 2005

Nippon Suisan Kaisha (Nissui) purchases King & Prince Seafood and merges Mrs. Friday’s and King & Prince under King & Prince Seafood. Sales top $200 million.