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Food is important on campus. That wasn’t always true, but it certainly is now. Today’s campus dining operators are serving perhaps the most diverse, knowledgeable and food-savvy student populations ever. So food is now a recruiting tool.

As you know, students want a variety of flavorful, healthy foods that are ethically produced—like sustainably harvested seafood. To help you meet these demands, King & Prince Seafood® not only provides a variety of versatile products, we’ll help you with menu ideas for all your facilities.

King & Prince®
Lobster Sensations®
SKU 004610

Mrs. Friday’s Tempura Shrimp Large

Mrs. Friday’s®
Tempura Shrimp Large 16/20 ct.
SKU 097692

Mrs. Friday’s®
Buttermilk Popcorn Shrimp 60/90 ct.
SKU 019110

Mrs. Friday’s®
Breaded Krabbycakes® 3 oz.
SKU 073550