Twisted Calamari Spaghetti Fra Diablo

Jazz up your original spaghetti dish by adding our delicious Twisted Calamari to the mix. You can either use Fra diablo or marinara sauce and then add a lemon slice and fresh basil leaves.

Menu Part


6 Ounces Twisted Calamari (Item# 041260)
6 Ounces Spaghetti Prepared
4 Ounces Fra Diablo or Marinara Sauce
As Desired Fresh Basil Leaves
2 Each Lemon Wedge


  1. Fry the twisted calamari at 350°F to 165°F internal temperature and golden brown. Drain well.
  2. To order heat the pasta in boiling water for 30 seconds until hot.
  3. Toss the pasta with hot marinara or Fra diablo sauce. Toss it well.
  4. Place the tossed pasta into a serving bowl, top with the twisted calamari and garnish with a few basil leaves and lemon.
  5. Serve immediately. Note: If cheese is requested only offer Asiago, Parmesan on its own will not go well.

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