Tropical Island Shrimp Kabobs

Transport your taste buds to a tropical oasis with our mouthwatering Tropical Island Shrimp Kabobs, featuring the irresistible Mrs. Friday’s® Honey Butter Biscuit Shrimp. This dish is a celebration of the sea’s finest, infused with the sweetness of honey butter and the essence of the islands.

Menu Part


10 Each Honey Butter Biscuit Shrimp (Item# 057562)
10 Chunks Pineapple, Grilled, Chunks, Cut 1 ¼ “ Square
10 Pieces Red Bell Peppers, Cut 1 ¼ “ Square
10 Pieces Green Bell Pepper, Cut 1 ¼ “ Square
10 Pieces Onion, Red, Cut 1 ¼ “Square
As Desired Thai Chili Sauce
2 Each Lime, Fresh, Wedge
4 Sprigs Cilantro, Fresh
1 Each Scallions, Sliced
To Taste Salt & Pepper


  1. Season and grill the pineapple and the veggies and then dice them 1 ¼ inch.
  2. Prepare the Honey Butter Biscuit Shrimp according to package instructions to an internal temperature of 165°F.
  3. Arrange the veggies, pineapple and shrimp on skewers. Brush generously with sweet Thai chili sauce and garnish with cilantro and scallions.

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