Shrimp BLT on Bagel

This easy seafood spin on a lunch or brunch classic is sure to be popular with guests looking for a delicious, portable menu item. The crunch of premium shrimp and crispy bacon contrasts with the juicy tomato & cool mayo to create an unforgettable dish.

Menu Part


4 Each Gold Pack Butterfly Shrimp 16/20 ct. (Item# 013220)
1 Leaf Red Leaf Lettuce or Romaine
2 Slices Heirloom or Beefsteak Tomato
4 Slices Bacon
1 Each Bagel
1 Ounce Mayonnaise (Optional)


  1. Cook bacon and shrimp at 350°F until 165°F internal temperature. Remove shrimp tails. Toast bagel.
  2. To Assemble, place base of bagel on plate then top with lettuce, tomato, bacon and shrimp. Smear mayonnaise on top half of bagel and place atop sandwich.

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