Seafood Empanada

Menu Part


1/2 Cup Seafood Sensations® (Item# 004530)
1/4 Cup Green Onion, Diced
1/4 Cup Red Pepper, Diced
1/4 Cup Red Onion, Diced
1/4 Cup Roasted Corn
1 Clove Garlic, Minced
1/2 Tablespoon Cilantro, Chopped
2 Teaspoons Fire Roasted Jalapeno Base
3 Tablespoons Cream Cheese
2 Ounces Salsa
2 Ounces Guacamole
12 Pieces Small Sopapilla Squares
To Taste Salt
To Taste Pepper


  1. Combine King & Prince® Seafood Sensations®, green onion, red onion, red pepper, corn, garlic, cilantro, jalapeño base, cream cheese, salt, and pepper. Make sure to incorporate cream cheese evenly with other ingredients.
  2. Place sopapilla square on empanada press, ensuring that it fits.
  3. Place a heaping spoonful of mixture on the sopapilla dough and close the empanada press. Repeat until you run out of filling.
  4. Fry empanadas at 350°F until golden brown and internal temperature is 165°F. Serve with salsa and guacamole.

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