Sauce Ready™ Shrimp Salad with Wasabi Ginger Dressing

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10 Pieces Sauce Ready Tail-Off Shrimp 44/62 ct. (Item# 057364)
5 Ounces Mixed Greens, Chopped
2 Ounces Savoy Cabbage, Chopped
2 Ounces Napa Cabbage, Shredded
1/2 Cup Carrots, Finely Shredded, Divided In Half
1/2 Cup Red Onion, Thinly Shaved, Divided In Half
2 Tablespoons Green Onion, Diced
As Desired Black Sesame Seeds
4 Ounces Wasabi Ginger Dressing


  1. Toss together all salad ingredients (except shrimp) and salad dressing in a mixing bowl, reserving 1/2 of the carrots and red onion for garnish.
  2. Split into two serving bowls or plates.
  3. Fry shrimp at 350°F for 2 1/2-3 minutes to 165°F internal temperature, until fully cooked and golden brown.
  4. Toss shrimp in wasabi ginger dressing. Arrange 5 pieces of shrimp on top of each salad, garnish with shredded carrot and red onion.
  5. Garnish with black sesame seeds.

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