Make It Happin’ Capin’ Family Platter

Menu Part


1 Pouch Jumbo Buttermilk Shrimp (Item# 057367)
8 Each Crispy Southern Flounder (Item# 075711)
1 Dozen Mini Breaded Krabbycakes® .4 oz. (Item# 073555)
1 Dozen Panko Breaded Scallops - Medium (Item# 036050)
1 Pint Dirty Rice
1 Pint Southern Style Collards
1 Pint Tomato & Okra
1 Pint Butter Beans
1 Pint Wickle’s Pickle Slaw
8 Ounces Tartar Sauce
8 Ounces Cocktail Sauce
16 Each Lemon, Fresh, Wedges


  1. Cook the Jumbo Buttermilk Shrimp, Crispy Southern Flounder, Breaded Scallops & Krabbycakes Minis according to instructions on package to 165°F internal temperature.
  2. Serve with the sides, sauces and lemon wedges.

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