Krabbycakes® & Golden Beet Salad

Krabbycakes® and Golden Beet Salad with Creamy Goat Cheese and Wilted Spinach

Menu Part


2 Each Junior Breaded Krabbycakes® 1.5 oz. (Item# 057983)
1/2 Cup Roasted Golden Beets
1/2 Cup Spinach, Wilted
1/3 Cup Roasted Red Pepper
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil, Extra Virgin
1 Each Thyme, Garnish


  1. Fry or bake the Krabbycakes® according to the package directions and until minimum internal temperature reaches 165°F.
  2. Slice the Krabbycakes® in half and stack on the bias. Season wilted spinach with salt and pepper, then top onto Krabbycakes. Top spinach with some of the roasted red pepper.
  3. Arrange the roasted beets on the plate opposite the Krabbycakes®. Garnish generously with goat cheese and fresh thyme leaves. Drizzle extra virgin olive oil.

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