Krabbycakes® Grilled Cheese

Shake up the ordinary grilled cheese sandwich, by placing one of our crispy Krabbycakes® in the middle. Then served with garlic aioli and your favorite side. It will satisfy your hunger and be the best grilled cheese sandwich around.

Menu Part


1 Each Breaded Krabbycakes® 3 oz. (Item# 073550)
2 Each Texas-Style Toast, Thick Slices
1 Each Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Slice
2 Ounces Crumble Blue Cheese
1 Tablespoon Butter, Melted
2 Ounces Garlic Aioli


  1. Place Krabbycake® in deep fryer at 350°F until golden brown and 165°F internal temperature.
  2. While the Krabbycake® is frying, brush each side of the Texas toast and place on a 350°F griddle. Place cheddar cheese on one half and the blue cheese on the other half.
  3. Once the cheese has melted place the Krabbycake on top of the blue cheese and top with other half of toasted bread.
  4. Place on a cutting board and cut in a diagonal format.
  5. Serve with a side of garlic aioli.

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