Golden Crab Bites With Signature “Remi” seafood dipping sauce

The Remi were a tribe living in present-day France during the Roman empire. We don’t know if they invented remoulade sauce, but it’s a lip-smacking companion for our beloved, ever-so-versatile Krabbycakes® Minis. Great for appetizers, add-ons, takeaway, food trucks and more. Don’t serve as a group appetizer. They’ll fight over them.

Menu Part


24 Each Mini Breaded Krabbycakes® .4 oz. (Item# 073555)
2 Ounces Remi


  1. Prepare the Krabbycake Minis according to package instructions to an internal temperature of 165°F.
  2. Arrange in basket with signature “Remi” sauce.

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