Crispy Tavern Battered Cod with Salt and Vinegar Smash Potatoes

The classic Fish & Chips with a twist! Serve up Mrs. Friday’s® Tavern Battered® Cod Fillets with some salt and vinegar smashed potatoes. This entrée serves as the classic menu item upgrade you never knew you needed.

Menu Part


2 Each Tavern Battered® Cod Fillets 2-3 oz. (Item# 070053)
7 Each Potatoes, Baby Gold
1/2 Teaspoon Salt & Vinegar Seasoning
2 Each Lemon, Wedges
3 Ounces Tartar Sauce
2 Ounces Malt Vinegar


  1. Make your smashed potatoes and season with salt and vinegar seasoning
  2. Prepare the Tavern Battered Cod according to package instructions to 165°F internal temperature.
  3. Serve with lemon wedges, tartar sauce and malt vinegar.

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