Crispy Shrimp Surf & Turf Burger

Menu Part


2 Ounces Sauce Ready Tail-Off Shrimp 44/62 ct. (Item# 057364)
1 Each Angus Beef Patty, 4 Ounce
To Taste Salt
To Taste Pepper
2 Ounces Blue Cheese Crumbles
1 Each Lettuce, Green Leaf
2 Each Tomato, Slices
1 Ounce Buffalo Sauce
2 Ounces Blue Cheese Aioli
1 Each Kaiser Roll


  1. Season and Grill the burger till desired temperature. Griddle the bun and add the cheese onto the burger to melt slightly.
  2. Fry the Sauce Ready Shrimp at 350°F and 165 °F internal temperature, and then toss in creamy buffalo sauce.
  3. Spread blue cheese aioli on bottom bun, then place the burger on top of that, dress with lettuce, tomato then add the shrimp and serve hot.

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