Crawfish Po Boy

Crawfish Po Boy with Orange Ginger Sauce and Kimchee Slaw

Enjoy this savory and crunchy sandwich as part of our Lent recipe collection.

Menu Part


1 Pound Lightly Breaded Cajun Crawfish 64/125 ct. (Item# 057135)
4 Each Po Boy Rolls
4 Ounces Orange Ginger Sauce
4 Ounces Kimchee Slaw


  1. Place the crawfish into a 350°F fryer and cook to golden brown color according to the box instructions or until 165°F internal temperature.
  2. Toast the po boy rolls.
  3. Place the po boy rolls onto a serving plate and place the crawfish into the roll overflowing it.
  4. Place kimchee atop the crawfish and serve immediately, with a side of orange ginger sauce.

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