Chapati Lobster Rolls

An ordinary food truck would serve lobster rolls with a hot dog roll. You however, will attract way more fans with genuine Indian chapati—a soft flatbread that’s a staple on the subcontinent. Add  more authentic Indian flavor with garam masala, then the veggies and our ready-to-eat Lobster Salad Sensations®.

Menu Part


9 Ounces Lobster Salad Sensations® (Item# 004510)
3 Each Roti
As Desired Garam Masala
3 Each Leaf Lettuce, Whole Leaves
1/2 Each Avocado, Sliced
1 Each Tomatoes, Chopped
1/2 Each Cucumber, European, Batonnet
1 Each Lemon, Fresh, Wedge


  1. Lay out the roti and brush with olive oil, sprinkle with garam masala and cook on a flat top for 1 minute . Line the opposite side with the leaf of lettuce.
  2. Add the Lobster Salad Sensations® and the veggies and roll. Serve immediately.

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