Baja Crispy Southern Flounder Sandwich

Let others do ordinary fish sandwiches. You’ll outsmart the competition with a So-Mex sandwich, starring Crispy Southern Flounder teamed up with mashed avocado, poblanos and melted Monterey Jack. Start this as an LTO, then make space on your main menu.

Menu Part


2 Each Crispy Southern Flounder (Item# 075711)
1 Each Roasted Poblano Pepper
4 Each Avocado, Mashed
3 Each Tomatoes, Sliced
2 Each Monterey Jack Cheese
1 Each Bolillo or Telera Roll
2 Ounces Chipotle Aioli
To Taste Sea Salt


  1. Cook the Crispy Sothern Flounder according to the directions to 165°F internal temperature.
  2. Toast the bun and spread aioli on both sides, melt the cheese over the flounder and the top with warm roasted poblano pepper, avocado mash and tomatoes slices. Sprinkle with salt to taste and top with the bun.

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