National Seafood Month Flavor Fair

Step right up and sea the big show with National Seafood Month’s Flavor Fair. Join us as our signature Tavern Battered® Cod takes the main stage. Our hand-cut cod fillets offer a back-of-house appearance. These premium cod fillets have a mild, crunchy coating made with our special blend of hops. All our cod fillets are MSC certified and sourced from cold, Alaskan waters. Flavorful, versatile and always ready for the main stage.

Tavern Battered® Cod Sundae

The hand-dipped appearance & subtle flavor of our Tavern Battered® Cod takes the main stage in this fun seafood take on a sundae!

Lobster Funnel Cake

Everyone’s favorite fair food meets seafood. Our Lobster Sensations® is mixed into funnel cake batter and deep fried. Yum!

Crab Mac n Cheese Bites

Elevate traditional mac n cheese with the addition of crab. Baking it in a muffin tin makes it fun and portable fair food.

Seafood Cake Donut Burger

It doesn’t get any sweeter than a Donut Seafood Burger. Sandwich our Gourmet Lobster Cake between a sweet glazed donut and you will be the star of the show.

Shrimp Tenders Waffle Cone

Savory shrimp tenders fill a sweet waffle cone. Drizzle with tasso gravy for a handheld treat.

Seafood Stuffed Pretzel Roll

Stuff our delicious seafood inspirations inside a salty pretzel for an appetizer that will steal the sea show.

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