King & Prince History: 2005

Nippon Suisan Kaisha (Nissui) purchases King & Prince Seafood and merges Mrs. Friday’s and King & Prince under King & Prince Seafood. Sales top $200 million.

King & Prince History: 1996

Nippon Suisan Kaisha (Nissui) purchases Mrs. Friday’s. King & Prince Seafood – sales of $100MM and in 1999, celebrated 50 years of breading quality seafood.

King & Prince History: 1986

Company changed its name to King & Prince Seafood in 1986. Also, in 1989, Krabbycakes® were introduced by Mrs. Friday’s as a high quality value seafood cake for foodservice and even today they remain the original and still the best!

King & Prince History: 1975

Innovation with Fancy Cooked Shrimp – Red Lobster was the first customer as well as many other restaurant chains. This product was a “first of it’s kind” and enjoyed longstanding success in the marketplace.

King & Prince History: 1961

Roy Duggan purchased the King Shrimp company and is now one of the largest buyers of fresh shrimp on the East Coast.

King & Prince History: 1955

Masashi Kawaguchi founded the Fishking Seafood & Poultry Company. Soon thereafter, he opens a small processing facility near downtown Los Angeles, CA. This business came to be known as Mrs. Friday’s.

King & Prince History: 1952

Ray Sellers purchases King Shrimp company and sold shrimp boats to invest in processing and technology. The company tops $1 million in sales.

King & Prince History: 1949

King Shrimp company adopted freezing technology to exclusively manufacture breaded shrimp. Principal customers included food distributors as well the Detroit division of A&P. Converted current Brunswick Plant from a World War II Liberty ship factory to shrimp production.

King & Prince History: 1924

Gerald Beach founded the King Shrimp company in Brunswick, GA – selling local raw shrimp to Fulton Fish Market in NYC and Chicago as well as other markets